By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects, Covai Homes continues to be the address of luxury.

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Covai Homes Construction

By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects of luxury.

The Company started in November 5th 2018 register under the company act 2013( 18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the companies (incorpation) rules of 2014.

The legendry of Covai Homes (p) Ltd, is incorporated by Sri Palanisamy Mani and Sri K. Ravi both are them directors. Mr. P. Mani the person holding the position of the shares equally by power of attorney is the managing director of the company. He is having enormous and sterilized vast experience in land promoting and construction over a 12 an years.

He started his business in around 2007. The level of small layouts and sold by step by steps to promote a big level of land promoting, his first promotion in 2014 as an Alagen Nagar with 6 Acres with partitions of 161 sites subsequently, he promotes the following layouts.

S.No Particulars Arc No. Of Sites
1 Sri Azhagan Nagar 6 Acres 161
2 Sri Thanigai Nagar 7 Acres 170
3 Sri Vizagan Nagar 9 Acres 236
4 Sri Aarupadai Nagar 6 Acres 136
5 Sri Vetri Nagar 5.5 Acres 135
6 Sri Aarupadai Nagar ll 1 Acre 30

Sri Sabari Garden is the running project is a milestone of his career. All the necessary approval and regulation are followed now its ready for sale.

Mr. K. Ravi he is also the director of this company and having vast experience in this line and giving a suitable advices to us.

One of the technical experts is Mr Gunesakeran, who qualified in pre-engineering in civil and also his having more than one decade of experience in this felid. By virtue of its experience not to waste the space, made to use all the lands useful to allocate according to conditions, by governing by state government regulation and norms as per the guidelines.

What are the special features

We have made the following salient features of the project;


The park area comes to near one Acre. It will be divided into 2 sections one of children park and another for adults. It contains walking Park, lane near 10000 SFT. We have planted all varieties of trees above350 nos and growing flowers, etc…


The project contains two bore wells one by panchayat bore well and another by us. This Borewell screwed with 250 feet depth, we get the pure water apart from we further digger near 400 feet depth the water pressure, flow is very admirable. We further built Overhead tank and connected through plumbing to each and every site. So the project contains atthikadavu water and panchayat water.

EB to the site

We have provided a place covering about 1800 sqm to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board to the installation of transforms to getting the lighting to each site and made the use of above.


Roads in layout

We have provided in the layout by 40 feet broad, 33 feet roads, 30 feet broad, and 23 feet road, to cover each and every site to approach in a proper manner. The above roads are fully Tar Roads.


Common Sites to the Public

We allotted to the public place as per the norms of the State Government to those had purchased at our project to utilized the common places.


Construction of House

We have provided to construct 1 BHK, 2 BHK according to the interest of the customer those who have purchased the plots with us.